Everything I Ever Needed To Learn About Life I Learned On Facebook

Ok, I dont even know where to start so I will just list things.

The 7 that welcomed me onto facebook was known to me as Wayne, bt he got knowledge of self and was reborn as Rahborn. He made me feel so welcome. And he told me that he’d fucked Allison and they used to swing something whenever he came up to NY making runs. Then I was talking to this Israelite who is of course wacky (prerequisite to being a HI) and Aq, who used to try and talk to me when we were in HS and was mad cool. Now he’s a family man and cool as hell, laid back and happy.

Then my friend Ruby tapped into the highest plane of metta. She manifested the Green Tara on me. Ruby is my Cap sister for real and she has the Gifts of the Spirit thing. That was the support that I never expected that the Universe promised me.

Then I wrote how much I loved Dr. Bronners soap and how if anybody wanted to give me a gift they should give me some. Guess what my kids father gave  me yesterday?

Then today, the One, that I was asking for when I first started my blog…Yeah, I met Him.

I’m going to come back and update this post (OF COURSE) cause this is my life now bt I just had to thank the Universe.


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