A Report Card or…My Brother Comes to Visit

I feel so embarrassed I just want to hide my face.

Yesterday my brother came over here and gave me a talking to about wilding the fuck out on Saturday.Uggghhh. I am so embarrassed I just want to pull some covers over my head. He told me how police could’ve shot me if they’d seen me with that knife, all I did was make myself block fodder, I wilded out in front of billions (the block is billions).  Then he told me I have to speed up the process of getting back to Mecca, now. Directly, ASAP as in don’t leave the house again or show my face before I do. He told me I have to go on a personal hajj and to worry about saving myself before I try to save anybody else.

My kids father always makes me feel dumb in general but right now I feel like a jerk. I feel like hiding my face from him. He is pissed off, big time. I hate fucking up. Hate it.


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