Kiss From The Universe

Alot has happened in a few days. Two days ago, this crackhead lizard looking crackhead that lives down the block came on the porch acting wild. Today my kids father was fighting him and his gang of teenagers came running up the block and I went and got a knife. I didn’t know all day why I did it, it was impulsive and reactionary. I thought they was running up trying to jump him.

I was thinking about it all day like what if by doing that and NOT letting Mike get beat up (because everybody started focusing on me with the knife, I fucked up a  chance to resolve that shit for once and for all. Ive been thinking about that in an endles loop all day. Then I read this:

It’s strange how often, in our struggle to do the right thing, we end up doing the wrong thing. We wrestle with moral dilemmas till we feel sure we have considered issues from all angles. Then, after time has passed, we see it all from one more crucial perspective and feel slightly foolish. Even the powerful Transit of Venus hasn’t been miraculous enough to ensure that you never go through that again. It will though, eventually allow you to put the other side of that coin to tremendously valuable use. Every so often in life, due to various pressures or apparent problems, we do what we think is the wrong thing, only to discover that it has turned out to be absolutely right in more ways than we could have ever dreamed. A recent apparent ‘mistake’ has effectively been an action of sheer genius. When you realise this, don’t just count yourself lucky. Count yourself entitled to relax.
Then start taking life a little easier and a little less seriously. For there’s a lot of love, a lot of reassurance, a lot of support and a lot of prosperity on its way to you now. And to help it all make its way into your world, all you have to do is be a lot less rigid, responsible and ‘grown up’ and a lot more mischievous, impulsive and childlike!

We’ll see…

What is a Kiss From the Universe?:

A Kiss from the Universe
Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 4:41am

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