Tell Lies, Keep Secrets, Play Games or… How To Be a Player

I was talking to my Alter Ego just now about what me and Vicky and Nazima got into this morning. My Alter Ego is my alter ego because I’m a Capricorn with Moon in Aries and She’s an Aries with Moon in Capricorn. We both have Mars in Taurus and she doesnt know her birth time but we look alike enough that I’m willing to bet she’s Libra Asc like me. I can’t think of a suitable psedonym for her and she needs one because her name is unique and instantly recognizable.  And thats’ a problem.

Anyway AE and I were discussing Sour Bitches. She was appalled that I “bought into that shit”. She recognizes that Sour Bitches exist but she thinks they exist because they are i.e. some bitches are just born Sour, they don’t have to be made Sour. What positively sickened her though was that I “bought into” the “macking bullshit”, which is “Ignorant Nigger Nonsense“.

Let me clarify something. My honest opinion of the whole macking, collecting women, harem shit is that its one of the key destroyers of the Black Family.  I didn’t buy into the bullshit, I am merely  trying to understand it.

I have always hated being lumped in with all women. There is nothing that turns me off faster than for somebody to start a thought with “Women all…” or “Why do you women always…?” any blanket statement or stupid generalization based on the percentage of the human female population they know or have heard of. So I’m going to try not to do that but I am going to use biology to show the commonality in all of us women.

Women invest alot of themselves biologically in having children. During pregnancy, the baby takes from you whatever it needs to develop, to the extent of causing your teeth to fall out if it needs the calcium. After the birth, the greater the investment of the biological father in the infant the better the child’s outcomes:

Family structure has important implications for children’s outcomes. Research has shown that, on measures of school achievement and adjustment, children living with other than two biological or adoptive parents are less well-off than children of two parents.

Children raised by single parents or by a parent and a stepparent do less well in school and have more behavior problems (McLanahan and Sandefur 1994).

One of the most important contributors to differential child outcomes is the lower level of resources available to single parent families (Duncan and Brooks-Gunn 1997; McLanahan and Sandefur 1994).

But, if income were the determining factor, it could be expected that children would do as well in two-parent stepfamilies as in two-parent biological families, since the family incomes of children of the former are comparable to those in the latter (McLanahan and Sandefur 1994).

Yet such children are more similar to children in single-parent than to those in two-parent families in terms of their risk of high school drop-out, teen childbearing, and productive activity as young adults (McLanahan and Sandefur 1994). , “Biological and Stepfather Investment in Children”

If another woman takes the father of your children away, she is depriving your children not just of his immediate presence, she is raising the chances that your child will live a life of negative circumstances – poverty, poor educational quality, instability, themselves becoming a single parent and etc. Also, the poorer you are, the worse the place you live is. Even in the worst ghettoes, the presence of a strong father in the home puts that family on par with those earning multiple times their income in terms of outcomes. Much gets said about strong black women that raise kids  without their father when those children excel but statistically, that is not the norm. The absence of a strong father in the home leads to higher incidences of  gang, criminal and drug involvement as well as every other negative occurance, including suicide, all over the world. Literally, lack of their father’s resources and investment could end up a matter of life and death for your child.

For that reason alone, regardless of how we are raised or taught we should be, on a biological level other women of childbearing age are the competition for resources that you want to secure for your offspring. So, alot of the  hatred women have towards each other is rooted in biology. The competition to secure a pair-bond is rooted in nature.

And, the more women a man is having sex with, the more chances there are mathematically that another woman will take his resources for herself in the form of gifts and shit he tricks off on her or for her children in the form of his time and money.

Therefore it is not logical for a woman capable of reproducing to be okay with her man fucking other women.

The mack-ers seeks to get around this by saying “these women all have their own money and resources and can finance their own children” thereby excusing the man except to the extent that he “can” provide for his child. Not only is this seperation of the mother and child disruptive to the family unit, it also downplays the importance of time, teaching the child day to day life lessons through both example and words and physically caring for the child.

Regardless how good a man’s intentions are there are still only 24 hours in a day and you can only be in one place at one time so the more he has to spread out his resources in terms of time and attention, the less there is for everyone. And its a fact of life that at the end of the day when all is said and done between the man who is fucking a whole bunch of women and now has a whole bunch of kids, some of those kids are going to end up without.

When there are no children involved, the Mack then says its all fun and games. The woman gets the benefit of his energy when he’s around and sexual gratification (when he’s not dick rationing, LMMFAO!!!) and he gets the sexual satisfaction, whatever goods and services she brings to the table as well as the ego stroking of having so many women emotionally attached to him. There’s no recognition of the fact that women need more emotionally than one or two days a week of having a man.

Whether there are or aren’t children involved in the Player scenario, because of the added “Tell Lies” component , the women the player is playing usually believe they are in or will be in a monogamous relationship with him. While the mack-ers seem more fixated on  power over and psychological dominance of a female, the player is out for sex. He gets his fix from getting high numbers of women to have sex with him. The mack-ers  wants the women to know he has a Bitches Collection and to overide their biological aversion to that because he is so powerfully desirable, he can overpower millenia upon millenia of survival programming.

The Play Games component for both men is in getting past the woman’s protective radar for bullshit. The Mack does this by getting inside her head and using whatever he finds there to his benefit. Once he has hooked the woman, the Play Games component is to keep the woman at a disadvantage psychologically and emotionally. In this worldview, women are cunning, hurtful, sneaky and malicious. They are always looking for an opening to castrate a man, take his shit, cuckold him or damage him psychologically. He has to maintain control of the woman by confusing her, outwitting her, sabotaging her and (of course) playing mind games.

The reality though is most women are won over by what they think is sincere interest in them, and the man’s intelligence and potential. They have found a good man it seems and they can envision a future with him.

The Play Games component for the player is in evading women after sex, juggling women and narrowly escaping getting caught and getting women to do things that give him a funny story to tell. His psychological intrigues are for the most part included in the Tell Lies component.

The Keep Secrets component for both of them is the same. Of course, for the player  it intersects with Tell Lies. What they both keep secret is their Self. The player does it to add to his resource display illusion. His good looks are a genetic resource, who doesn’t want a cute baby? As is his jewelry, car, clothes, hood rep, proffession, etc. whatever his lure is. He cannot risk putting a chink in his armor by revealing who he really is above and beyond his resource illusion. The mack does it as part of his Play Games component. To have a pyschological advantage, he draws the woman out into the open while always keeping himself in the shadows.

Women experience these men as emotionally unavailable men in off-kilter relationships where it feels so good when your with him but there is always some nagging sense that something is wrong and because there are always levels where you can’t connect with him, you always feel a longing. What’s fucked up about it is that its the longing that makes you needy and clingy and off-balance. These relationships feel like a USDA serving of your favorite food (where a serving is the size of your thumb and a plate of food is the size of your fists) and then…nothing.  These are the relationships that fuck up your life not just because of the inevitable heartbreak but because of what it does to your faith in and connectedness with your fellow man.

When a man plays you for an asshole and then ridicules you in front of the whole world for not stepping off when his fun is done, its devastating. But I think I figured out a few ways we can outwit the whole process and I will share them wit ya next time.

I tried to be scientific in my dissection, let me know how I did.


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